Posted 28-Aug-2020 | 351 | Python

Why should I learn Python?

Most of my friends suggests me to start with python and stick to it. I want to know if its the best in the market and why should I learn it?



Full Stack Developer

Posted 28-Sep-2020

Already answered, so copy-pasting here.

Go for python as it can be used in multiple fields like web development, software development, and artificial intelligence. PHP is specially made for building websites.


Web Developer

Posted 28-Aug-2020

Hi John, Python is no doubt the most versatile language out there. If you want to become a web developer or work as a professional I think its the best choice.

It was introduced decades ago but still its so famous and people still work with it. You should definitely work with it.

I have rcently started watching videos available in this website only. S far its gong great. Will update once I finish the course. :D