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The following terms of use apply to all the users i,e. job seekers, recruiters, visitors applicable law around the world. If you do not agree to any of the following terms, you are not allowed to access this site.

These terms and conditions are liable to changes without prior notice to the users.

Terms of Use

  • The subscription is in no way re-saleable nor transferable by the subscriber to any other individual, firm or corporate body.
  • Only one office of one corporate entity/firm will be entitled to use this service and in case other offices of the same company/ associated companies, want to use the said service, then, they shall have to pay additional subscription charges for the service.
  • Coders Diaries has full rights to delete/remove anything from our website including information provided by the users, job posts by recruiters without giving prior notice and explanation for the removal.
  • We solely reserved the rights for the content of any kind available on our website of any modification or distribution by you, or your organization is illegal and necessary actions will be taken against you.

Entesta Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd reserves the full right to modify the price of the product, availability/validity of the products, or discontinue the service without any notice. We will not be liable to you or any organization for the modification or discontinuation of the services.

Use of Information/data


By registering in codersdiaries.com you agree to the following terms

  • Entesta Web Solutions Pvt Ltd offers no guarantee or warranty about the prospective employer/organization which uses the information/data to contact the user.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the user to check the authenticity of the prospective employer/organization. Entesta Web Solutions Pvt Ltd hereby disclaims any liabilities for any act, deed by the users, or the prospective employer/recruiter.
  • The information the users post in the public area of CodersDiaries sites or are made visible may be accessed, used, and stored by others around the globe. CodersDiaries takes measures to protect your information/data from unauthorized access/use, but CodersDiaries.com does not control these third parties and thereby, we are not responsible for any use or misuse of information/data you provide us. You should not post any sensitive data/information in any portion of codersdiaries.com for your protection.
  • The agreement between a user and Entesta Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd will be treated as having been terminated if:
    1. 1.The user violates any of the conditions of this agreement or any other agreement entered into by him with EWSPL.
    2. 2.The completion of the term for which the user engages with the services of the website.
  • The information/data fed by the user can be updated only by them, free of cost.
  • The user engaging in the services of this website doesn't claim copyright or any Intellectual Property Right for the information uploaded into this website.


  • Entesta Web Solutions offers no guarantee or warranty that there will be any satisfactory response after the job has been put to display.
  • In case of any dispute between the subscribers and Entesta Web Solutions will be resolved under the laws of India as applicable.
  • Entesta Web Solutions will not be held liable for loss or misuse of data/information fed by the recruiters for reasons which are not in control including but not limited to natural disasters, civil unrest, or tampering of data/information by hackers.
  • Entesta Web Solutions will in no way be responsible for any information received by the users applying for the job and it will be the sole responsibility of the recruiters to check the authenticity of the users with their expenses.

Cancellation & Refund

Cancellation and refund are possible for Advance and Premium job posting only. Money once paid for the basic package cannot be refunded. Furthermore, users of Advance and Premium package must notify us within 24 hours after the payment is done by mailing at support@codersdiaries.com with order ID sent to them via mail. Otherwise, a refund is not possible. We also don't guarantee you if the refund will be made, it all depends if your reason is satisfactory.
We recommend checking free previews and course content. Also, check our Youtube channel to get an idea about video and content quality. Our courses are a digital product which means, once consumed, it cannot be returned. WE DON'T OFFER REFUNDS AT THIS PLATFORM. Sorry, we are not a marketplace, where quality can be misled by fake reviews.