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Coders dairy accepts submissions from aspiring bloggers and coders to showcase their talent on our website. You can submit an article on any specific language related to web development. Even you can submit a guest post for promotion of your own blog/website/GitHub projects related to full stack development. You don’t have to be a blogger or writer to write for us. If you love coding and want to share something which can reflect your skills and helps others to learn from it then you are welcome. If you are planning to write for us, kindly go through the guidelines given below to improve the credibility of your submission.

Daily thousands of visitors visit Coders Dairy. So let’s see how you can get benefited by writing for us.

Open source projects

A beautifully written guest post about your latest project on GitHub or Bit bucket can definitely help you to gain attention among developers.


It takes a lot much effort to be notified among the right audience. So the most convenient way to achieve a numerous amount of audience in a short span of time is to write guest posts.


A developer can get some great job opportunities with their skills which will be reflected in their post. Each guest post written by a developer will provide a way to the visitors to contact and hire them.


A WordPress developer can generate a huge revenue by driving thousands of visitors from our site with a promotional brief guest post on their products.

How to apply

The more you can put your heart in the article the more you will get a chance to be notified. However, before you start to write make sure you have followed the list below.

  • The content must be related to web development.
  • Currently, we write about PHP, Python, JavaScript and few more. If you are going to write about something which is not listed in our category then make sure you contact us before you start to write. You can find the full list of categories from the blog sidebar.
  • If you have a startup related to our niche you can definitely boost your site by writing a promotional guest post on our site. We will love to showcase your services and help you to a numerous number of the audience by spreading it among our community. Anyway, before you write about the post make sure you submit us the details of your startup.
  • You can showcase your open source projects with a great article which can be helpful for web developers. Simply write us an email with the details of your project and we will take care of your content.

Whatever you are planned to write its advised to send us an email at [email protected] before you start to write them. As it will help us to identify whether the topic is already published or not.

Content details

After we accept your proposal you can start writing. Make sure your content meets the requirements below.

  • If your content is based on your startup or open source project then make sure it consists of minimum 500 words.
  • If you are a guest blogger then your content should be at least 700 words long.
  • Every content should be focused on the topic which you have sent us via email.
  • Make sure your article has minimum two or more images. You can use open source images from pexels or flaticon like open source site. You can even add your own custom images to your content.
  • Each content must be divided into various sections. As it makes it look great and let the readers stick to it.
  • You have to use bold or italic styling to help the readers to notify the important points.
  • You can add maximum two links which will be referred to your site or project.
  • Never copy anything from other sites whether its a image or few lines. We will perform a plagarism check to ensure if its unique or not.

So follow the above guidelines and write a great content that will genuinely help you to reach your goals.


Once your content is ready put it in Google docs file and email us at [email protected]. We will check if it has followed all the rules and modify it with minor changes if required.

In the same email, we require you to provide a short description of 30-40 words about your startup or project or yourself.(Note: Your post will be featured in a guest post. We will post a short bio of you on the article page itself, so please include the details you want to be published within the bio – your name, one social media handle, your blog/website/repository link and a profile picture/or logo.)

Generally, it will not take more than 24 hours to publish your post once you have submitted it to us.

** Promotional posts are only applicable for Startups and WordPress developers who want to promote their service or product.

For the others, it’s absolutely free to write and share your skills and get benefited.

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