Vue is a progressive lightweight javascript framework. In a short span of time, it gains much popularity among front-end developers. Its list of excellent features makes it one of the best framework available right now. In this post, i will explain the Vue js advantages and why you should choose it. However, there are many great competitors available still Vue makes it own way to the developer’s heart. So let’s start with brief details about Vue.

Vue js and it’s features

vue js

First of all, Vue is a progressive javascript framework that focuses on building user interfaces(UI). Basically, its used to create the view layer of a web application. Vue js makes it really easy to create powerful single page applications. Now let’s list out it’s best features and check out why it’s so popular.

  • Vue is really easy to use and has a much smaller learning curve than other frameworks.
  • One of the best features of Vue is it uses virtual DOM and that makes it really faster.
  • If you are working in a team with different developers then don’t worry. Because Vue can easily integrate with other popular frameworks.
  • Vue has many built-in components while it’s really lightweight.

I think the above 4 Vue js advantages are enough to make you fall in love with Vue. However, it’s just the beginning I will show you how to use it and what other things you can do with it. Before I show you how to install Vue, let’s check out its pros and cons with other top frameworks.

Vue js advantages

Vue vs React

vue vs react

React is a powerful and popular javascript library. It’s developed and maintained by Facebook. Basically Vue and React both have many things in common. They both have components based structure to make things easier. React and Vue both uses virtual DOM and that makes both really faster than others. Actually, the main comparison between them is the language of code. React uses JSX and Vue uses pure javascript. JSX is short for Javascript and Asynchronous XML. You can call JSX the advanced javascript. Its supports classes and much more. So the basic advantage of using React is JSX which makes the task of writing codes easier. On the other hand, it’s a time-consuming process to learn JSX from scratch. React is a library so its much bigger than Vue and has broader learning curve than Vue.

Still, if you aren’t satisfied with this brief Vue and React information. Then I would strictly suggest this awesome post Vue vs React to you. You can see how popular they are, how’s the job market, performance, speed benchmarks and much more.

Vue vs Angular 2

vue vs angular 2

Angular is one of the most popular javascript frameworks. The tech giant Google has developed it. Angular 2 and Vue has many major differences. First of all Angular 2 works with typescript only. Typescript is a superset of javascript and it’s developed and maintained by MicrosoftTypescript is really powerful and it’s much more than regular javascript. It has classes, interfaces, type declarations and much more. So if you ever use java before then Angular 2 would be your great advantage as it uses Typescript. In addition to such advantage, Angular 2 also has some major disadvantages. First of all, it has, even more, deeper learning curve than React. Rather than this Angular 2 uses regular DOM that makes it slower than Vue. If you are still worrying about Typescript support then don’t worry because Vue also supports it.

So if you are javascript beginner then I would definitely suggest choosing Vue over others. Now, what about the professional javascript developers or hybrid app developers!. Let’s see what other things we can do with the knowledge of Vue.

Cross-platform app development with Vue js

weex and vue

Weex is a cross-platform app building framework. Its supports the Vue js syntax so you can easily develop mobile apps with VueWeex is little different and more powerful than simple HTML 5 apps or hybrid apps. In addition to Weex, there are many other good frameworks available which support Vue.

We have already written a post where we have explained about the best frameworks to build mobile apps with Vue Js. In addition to all to get you started at mobile app development with vue js, we have written an awesome guide vue js with framework 7.

So you can clearly see the Vue js advantages.

Best backend framework to integrate with Vue js

laravel and vue

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Vue and laravel are just made for each other according to their official docs. So if your project has laravel at the back end the Vue would be the best choice to adopt.

So you can see how you can use your Vue js skills in different scenarios. Hence whether you are a professional javascript developer or a beginner Vue can help you all way long. I hope the above Vue js advantages are enough to choose it over others. In addition to all, they have a great documentation on their site. Now let’s create a simple Vue js project to see how to work with it.

How to install vue js?

Finally, before we move to the installation part let’s see what are the excellent features Vue provides with an infographic.

vue js features

You can install Vue js in many ways like script tag, CDN or CLI etc. If you are a beginner then the best way would be the use of script tag. In this post, i am using the vue CLI (Command Line Interface). So, first of all, you will need Node js in your system. So if you don’t have it then download it by the provided link. Now after you install node js its time to install the npm.

Now you are ready to install the vue cli. At first, open command prompt and type npm install -g vue-cli. It will take a while to download and install. Once its completed move on to the directory where you want to create your Vue project. Now open command prompt there and type the following command vue init webpack vue-app. You will not need any testing libraries for the first project so don’t install them. After the command executes It will create a folder called vue-app into the current directory. Now go inside the vue-app folder and run npm install. It will download all the dependencies for the current project. Finally run the npm run dev command to ensure everything is working well.

vue project

If you can see the above window in your browser then you did it right. Else you have done something wrong so follow last section carefully.

The setup is totally completed now so now open the vue-app folder into your favorite text editor. You will see a folder called src, that’s the main folder. It consists router, components, assets and 2 files. I can’t explain each and one of them in a single post. So i will explain some of them in the next post.

Finally that’s the end of our post hope yo guys have liked this. So your next move will be to start with a simple and easy guide which we have specially designed for you. Have a look at Vue js tutorial for absolute beginners. Let us know if you have liked it and don’t forget to share with your friends and let them also fall in love with Vue js advantages.

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Darshan Saroya · October 17, 2017 at 9:06 am

Nice post. Surely give it a try in my next project.

Zulema Nll · October 17, 2017 at 11:22 am

A very informative post!

hipertracker · November 17, 2017 at 6:36 am

React is definitely simpler than Vue. It’s not true that JSX is something to learn (suggesting it’s complex). JSX resembles HTML for reason: there is almost nothing to learn. And it is 100% optional. JSX is nothing more than a syntactic sugar for JavaScript function React.createElement. So bar is exactly the same as React.createElement(‘div’, {id:’foo’}, ‘bar’); On the otherside, Vue requires learning another limited, strange template syntax which does not resemble HTML at all (it’s similar to KnockoutJS).

    hipertracker · November 17, 2017 at 6:38 am

    The comment system here is poor and destroyed my code snippet. I meant <div id=”foo”>bar<div> is the same as React.createElement(‘div’, {id:’foo’}, ‘bar’)

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