jQuery is one of the most popular javascript libraries. It makes the task much easier to manipulate DOM, create ajax requests and much more. Before CSS3 developers used javascript to create animations and transitions. However, jQuery has a good range of plugins seems like for every single purpose. In this post, I will share you top 20 jquery plugins that you can use in your next project.

jQuery plugins

jQuery plugins are the small piece of code made using jQuery for a specific purpose. It has the same extension as jQuery. So we can just simply use the scripts in our HTML. Any 3rd party scripts must be put after jQuery. Hence for using any of the jQuery plugins, you will need jQuery first. I would suggest learning jQuery first before you use any of the given plugins. You can find a great documentation on their official site.

Lightbox plugins

Lightbox is one of the most interesting design technique. In this process pictures, videos or any other elements are loaded in a box over the current screen. So users don’t have to open them in a new window. It makes the task easier and helps in improving User Experience. I have chosen the top 2 jQuery lightbox plugins. They both are responsive and supports many HTML5 features.

Magnific Popup

magnific popupMagnific Popup is one of the most popular and lightweight lightbox plugin. It comes with many customization options. The most interesting feature of it is it supports both. In addition to images, it also supports videos, maps and much more. So if are you looking for a lightweight modern jQuery lightbox plugin then it will be the best option. However, it doesn’t support swipe features for mobile.

Light Gallery

light galleryJQuery light gallery is another superb lightbox plugin. It comes with a huge list of customization features. Unlike Magnific Popup it supports slide features but its little bulky. So if you choose feature over speed and performance then it will be the best choice.

Chart plugins

Charts are used everywhere nowadays. It helps to track user interactions with the website. There are many great chart plugins available. I have chosen best 2 among them. Both of them are responsive and provides various animations.

Canvas js

canvas jsCanvas Js is a great chart plugin that supports huge list of customization. It supports more than 30 types of charts. It can also be integrated easily with many javascript frameworks. You can save charts as an image, zoom it, do dynamic updates. You will definitely love to use Canvas js. The only major drawback of Canvas js is it’s bulky. So you have to sacrifice a bit speed and performance to use it.

Chart js

chart jsChart js is the best lightweight alternative of Canvas js. It supports a huge list of animations and even supports mixed chart types. The minor drawback of Chart js is it only supports 8 chart types. So if you are looking for easy to use and lightweight chart plugin Chart js will be the best.

Carousel plugins

Carousel is the best way to showcase much info in a single place. After a lot of research, I have found 2 best options.

Owl Carousel 2

owl carousel 2Owl Carousel is my most favourite carousel plugin. Its best for any kind of devices as it supports swipe features. In addition to all, you can create many different types of a carousel. Almost all modern browsers, as well as many zombie browsers(CSS3 not supported), support it. It’s really easy to use so guys don’t forget to give it a try.

Slick carousel

slickSlick is another most popular carousel plugin. It has a lot of ways to customize things. If you love animations then you must try it once. It’s really lightweight and easy to use.


In this section, I will share top 4 other plugins. As they have different purposes so I am not putting them into others category.

Code mirror

code mirrorCode mirror is a really great example of javascript plugins. It is not jQuery dependant but as you know jQuery make things easy. So if you ever wanted to build your own web ide its the best choice. It supports all the major programming languages. Finally, I would say if you to build something big like jsFiddle use code mirror.

jQuery date time picker

date time pickerA good and simple date time picker is really hard to find. I have wasted a lot of time in search of that. Finally, I have found jQuery date time picker. It’s really easy to use and supports various customization features. In addition to all its also responsive and lightweight.

Nano Gallery 2

nano gallery 2Nano gallery is a modern plugin to create a beautiful image gallery. It comes with many inbuilt customization features. So if you are looking for a way to create responsively and eye-catching image galleries then you should try it once.

jQuery Lazy

jquery lazyLoading time of a website plays a vital role in terms of visitors engagement. If your website has a lot of images then it will surely take some time to load. jQuery lazy can help you to get rid of this. It will replace all the images with a placeholder image and the actual images will be loaded only when the visitor reaches them. Seems like its compatible with all the modern browsers.

Finally, i have shared all the 10 useful jQuery plugins and their brief details. So now choose the one you need for your next project.

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