React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries that’s currently dominating the market. On the other side, Angular 2 made by Google is making web development far more interesting. In this post, we will see an ultimate comparison of ReactJs vs Angular 2. So let’s start with a brief description of Angular 2 and React Js.

What is React Js?


React is developed by Jordan Walke (Engineer at Facebook) in 2013. In a short span of time React becomes much popular among JavaScript developers. So Facebook becomes more curious and start’s to promote it as an open source JavaScript library.

After the success of React, Facebook built a native app development library React Native. That’s something which makes React much more popular than it used to be. With React Native React developer can simply create a native multiplatform compatible app. So in this way React is dominating the JavaScript market.

What is Angular 2?


Angular 2 is the newer version of Angular JS or Angular 2. Google is developing and maintaining the Angular project since 2010. No doubt its one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks among developers.

However, the latest version of Angular is far more superior than the older one. Angular 2 or simply Angular is totally based on TypeScript. That’s makes it really awesome as you can now use type declarations in JavaScript. On the other side, TypeScript compiler shows the errors at compile time so it helps in rapid development.

After the release of Angular 2, Google is updating it regularly and the most recent version is 4.X. IF you are new to TypeScript then you should definitely follow this book below. Its really awesome for beginners who wan’t to dive deep into Angular and TypeScript.
Beginning Angular 2 With Typescript
Anyway if you are looking for alternate frameworks you can check out best JavaScript frameworks. My personal favourite one is Vue its lightweight and beginner friendly. I also have much more reasons to love Vue js.

ReactJs vs Angular 2

I have made a list of terms to go through to choose the best option. Therefore let’s check out each ReactJs vs Angular 2 comparison terms one by one.


When it comes to using a new framework or library popularity matters. The more popular it is the wider spread community it will have.

React is the most popular JavsScript library according to GitHub. It has 81k+ stars and more than 15k+ peoples have forked the project. So its a huge amount of developers engagement as we can see.

However, we can’t declare its the most popular just on the GitHub stats. So let’s check out the usage statistics of React.

react usage statistics

As you can see from the above data more than 134k websites are using React. Mostly its used by top 10k websites that looks pretty impressive. Let’s check out Angular 2 usage statistics and popularity now.

Angular 2 or Angular has 30k+ stars and more than 7k people’s have forked the project. Within just 2 years of development, it gains a lot much popularity.

angular usage stats

According to the usage statistics Angular it seems not much popular. However, 3042 websites are using Angular and 2618 websites are currently live among all.

So in terms of popularity React wins the game. Anyway, let’s move to the next section and see where’s it’s mostly used.

Which kind of websites are using it most

I have also collected the usage statistics to show which kinds of websites are using React Js and Angular 2.

react usage

As you can clearly see from the statistics React is heavily used in business sites. However, there’s no limitation of your imagination so you can use it anywhere you like.

angular usage

Shopping or E-commerce websites are using Angular heavily. As you can see here almost 100% of the 6 websites of top 10k are all shopping sites. So if you are working on an E-commerce project you can give it a try.

Job market

Whatever library or framework you choose make sure it has a good job market. I am assuming you are a freelancer so let’s see what our report says.

react job market

As you can see from the above image there are currently 512 active jobs available at Freelancer. It’s really great that you can place a bid on such high paying jobs of React. It’s only the result of Freelancer so imagine now how many platforms available for the freelance coders.

So with React, you will never have to worry about the job market as its really popular.angular job market

There are 660 active jobs available for Angular developers at Freelancer. As we can see despite having less popularity Angular 2 is dominating the job market.

However, I have searched Angular so its showing results for all the available Angular versions.

Finally, we can say from the above section of ReactJs vs Angular 2, both React and Angular has a good job market. So no matter which one you choose if you have some pro skills your earnings will be huge.

Mobile app development

React and Angular both are great for SPA (Single Page Application). In addition to that React Native is much popular and has a huge community of developers. On the other side ionic is the most favourite framework for hybrid app developers. The latest ionic version is totally based on Angular and TypeScript.

As you can see there’s a huge advantage for both. If you choose to use React you can easily use React Native. On the other side if you choose Angular you will be able to use ionic easily.

Whether you use React Native or ionic you can definitely create some awesome multi-platform compatible apps. The job market is also good enough to stick to it.
If you want to start learning ionic then you can definitely follow the Beginning ionic mobile development. Its beginner friendly and has a lost of interesting chapters to strenthen your skills.
Beginning Ionic Mobile Development


Its the last section of our ReactJs vs Angular 2 comparison. The performance plays the vital role. Mainly we will focus on two things to define the best performance. First of all, we have to ensure which one takes less time to complete an action.

I have made a colourful chart from the js frameworks benchmark available at Github. Let’s see how much time it takes to create 1000 rows with React and Angular.

reactjs vs angular 2 performanceAccording to the above chart data, we can clearly see React is slightly faster than Angular. However faster means faster and for large-scale apps, it plays a vital role. Let’s see how good both are at memory management.

reactjs vs angular memory usageFinally, we can see React is dominating at the performance too. It consumes less memory as compared to Angular.

So our ReactJs vs Angular 2 comparison is over now. According to the results of each section, we can clearly see both are good enough and has a good scope of opportunities. Now it’s up to you, I would suggest you try out some small projects in both. Personally, I have found Angular to be my favourite one for bigger SPA projects.

However, if you are not satisfied and want to compare React with one of the top competitors on the list. Then you must definitely check out Vue vs React Js.


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