Machine learning means to allow a machine to improve its qualities on its own without any human effort but by its own experience. Machine learning needs the idea of Artificial Intelligence. In this article of machine learning importance, we will be discussing, machine learning, its importance, and its scope. It’s like converting a machine into a human.

Introduction to Machine Learning

introduction to machine learning


Machine learning is a technique which allows the machine to learn from their experience. Arthur Samuel in 1959 brought the idea of machine learning. Some basic machine learning examples are, detection of network intruders. Machine language also focuses on prediction making through the use of computers. Machine learning algorithms allow computers to improve itself through data inputs as well as by its statistical analysis to provide a realistic result. Since machine learning is a continuously improving field (sub-field of artificial intelligence), therefore you should make yourself updated every single moment.

Machine Learning importance


machine learning importance

Machine Learning is not a new topic to the society, it was discussed over a many decades before. Nowadays, the algorithms come in a more advanced form which allows the administrator to add some more information, more information means a better outcome. Many gadgets which were invented many years before are now provided in a compact form and with some advanced attachment of gadgets, which allows the researchers to bring a more advanced study in the field of machine learning. Machine language plays a vital role in saving time and money and also creating a huge impact on the future. Nowadays we see a vast improvement in the customer care field and it is all because of machine learning. It allows such fields to do work more efficiently and more quickly. Through Virtual Assistance Solution, it is possible to make machine language into action which once required a human agent. Machine language is used for changing accounts password and checking balance sheet. The human agents were removed from the field of changing the password and checking balance sheet, and they were set in the field of customer care guidance which is a bit hard for machines to handle. Machine language even helps in making decisions for a company or providing some supporting facts to the decision. It basically provides a prediction of the future which improves the decision of the decision maker. Machine learning has brought a huge change in the last few years. Scientists are still trying to bring machines to the human level.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

car crash ai

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are two different fields. Artificial Intelligence(AI) carries out the task in a smart way. Machine Learning is an application of AI, which states that machines should be able to access data for improving themselves. Actually, Machine learning was derived from the idea of Artificial Intelligence. The example of a self-driving car, the scientist wanted to add some more features to it. Though the car was able to move on its own, can it figure out when to reduce its speed and when to carry out the necessary tasks? Technology has given access to read our mind and how it works, so can machines can be implemented with some sort of brain? Till now we have reached almost half of the machine learning and we will get an even more advanced information to the answer to the question.

Learning Machine Language

learning machine language


In this article, I’ve only given some basic ideas of learning machine language. I will definitely post an article of complete guide on how to learn machine language in the coming future. Step 1. Pick a language (Python). The reason behind mentioning Python is because of its popularity. Step 2. Learn mathematics and statistics.  Step 3. Choose a tool.  Start practicing programming languages. Choose a suitable tool according to your language. Complete some small task using your preferred language. Step 4. Start learning machine learning by watching videos, reading articles and documents.  Self-study is only possible if you really want to learn it, cause sometimes you find some topics too boring. Step 5. Connect with communities of machine language.  There are many sites which provide you to participate with other members all over the world. Learn from them, share your ideas, be interactive, make an attitude that you really wanna learn something, you will automatically find information sources. Step 6. Don’t just study but dive yourself completely.  Give your 101%, you will become an expert in machine language.

Future scope of Machine Learning


future scope of machine learning

The time has gone when human needs to perform every single task. Nowadays we build technology which has the capabilities to take decisions on its own. The most powerful form of machine learning is “deep learning“. Deep learning is a class of machine learning algorithms. Previously, technology was only used for networking, but now it plays a vital role. Machine learning is still really complex, you can’t learn it if you don’t have a strong background in coding. One of the good points of machine learning community is, it always provides information and no one keeps the information within themselves. What if we are able to create the brains? Every religious article says that you are the creator of your own as well as your surroundings, you are responsible for the future and no one else. The time has gone when human use to work for themselves. Now is the time of technology, we have an obedient slave with us. We use washing machines, it washes our clothes, but what if it can figure out which one is dirty, which one needs to be washed, and when shall it stop washing it. Why do we need to work, if our slave can complete the task? Even on the battlefield, why do we need to lose our soldiers, even technology can fight for us, the humans just need to coordinate them like the officer in charge. Technology can not only make us advance but it also helps to save human cycle. Machine Learning is really important for a better as well as a secure future. Try to know your superpower and save the world. Stay tuned for further updates.

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