Senior Software Engineer


Job Type temporary

Experience 5 - 6 years

Remote Available

Salary 45k - 75k usd

Level senior


3 years ago

Job Description

As a Software Engineer at Power Diary, you will be responsible for developing features end-to-end. You will need to get right into our code base, understand it, and make it better. You will manage your cards on the team’s Kanban board. You will write, test, and deploy your code, and review your peer’s pull requests. You will have to consider the architecture of new and existing features as you work, research different ways to do something, identify the best of them, and code it all up. Think clearly and tell us when we’re wrong.

Want to know more about the types of features you could be working on? This short video will get you up to speed fast.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have several years experience working on full stack development
  • You enjoy being part of a team, growing and helping one another
  • You get excited when you have the chance to pair
  • You are always interested in learning new things
  • You enjoy being responsive to customer feedback
  • You practice test-driven development and judicious refactoring
  • You are a pragmatic problem solver, knowing how to find the middle ground between “perfect, but takes forever to code” and “fixes it now, but nobody will ever be able to understand what I did”
  • You work well in a small team with a clear mission
  • You are detail oriented and precise in code, communication, and documentation
  • You have the insight to know what’s important and the dedication to get it done

We prefer working with people who live in locations where the time zone is Amsterdam Time +/- 2 hours but will consider candidates from other timezones if the match is very strong.

Skills required:

While existing experience with the technologies we use is welcome, an open and disciplined approach to your work is more important to us than whether you already know .Net, TypeScript, or anything else in our stack. We value the willingness to learn our technologies and environment over domain-specific skills. You just have to show us that you are the kind of person who learns a new programming language over breakfast.

We use .Net MVC, .Net Core, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, REACT and TypeScript. Our systems run on AWS, our code is hosted on GitHub, our builds run on TeamCity.

The Software Engineering Team 

We are a small team of talented, multi-cultural engineers. As the company grows we would also like our team to evolve and embrace more industry best practices such as clean coding, code reviews, automated tests, continuous integration, and few-click deployments. We all work remotely so we rely on good communication within our team and organization.

How to apply

If you are interested in this position, please send us your resume and motivation letter. We are looking forward to reading all about why this role and organization caught your attention, and what motivates you in your career.

A small assignment will be part of the recruitment process.

What’s next?

If your application is selected, we will invite you for a short conversation to get to know each other. This is followed by an interview with our Engineering Manager, and you will also be given a small programming challenge. All interviews are conducted online.

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