Senior Front-End Engineer


Job Type fulltime

Experience 5 - 5 years

Remote Available

Salary 48k - 60k usd

Level senior


2 years ago

Job Description

About The Position

We’re looking for a highly experienced front-end developer to contribute to the 2.0 version of both products, Jibble and PayrollPanda, which are being built on .NET Core. The Jibble 2.0 product is due for a public beta release at the end of 2020, while PayrollPanda is midway through the design phase, with initial development having started in October 2020.

As part of an ambitious team you’ll work with a cutting edge tech stack. Continuous learning and applying new and emerging technologies and methodologies make this an exciting opportunity for you to expand and deepen your skills on the job.

You will be working in a team of 13 engineers from 8 different countries, operating in bi-weekly sprints with daily stand-ups. We apply Kanban methodology in the development process and impact is continuously measured.

Besides front-end development, you will be deeply involved in the design process - offering feedback and input in meetings with product managers and designers when planning new features and products.

The position offers a competitive salary, paid holidays and a fully remote work environment. When possible, we organise annual meetups in varying locations to work and socialise with the entire team.

Job requirements:

  • At least 5 years of commercial web development experience
  • Deep understanding of Vue.js and its core principles
  • Experience using Material Design component libraries (preferably Vuetify)
  • Proficiency employing Vuex and Axios for clean API integration
  • Familiarity with the Vue Composition API or Vue 3
  • Experience with Testing strategies
  • Solid TypeScript knowledge
  • Ability to turn hi-fi designs into a pixel-perfect UI
  • Experience working in remote teams is an advantage
  • Located within UTC - UTC+8 time zones

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Building Jibble 2.0 and PayrollPanda 2.0 web clients using Vue.js
  • Working closely with product managers to implement new features according to well-defined specifications
  • Refactoring and improving existing features of the product based on best practices, changing requirements and feedback from QA
  • Writing Unit, Functional and e2e Tests to ensure code robustness and documentation
  • Exchanging ideas with the design team to improve the user experience
  • Reviewing your peers’ code to keep our code base clean and extensible

Our tech stack and tools:

  • Vue 2 with Composition API, fully typed using TypeScript
  • Vuetify as Material Design framework
  • UI/UX Designs in Figma
  • Microservice API based on .NET Core 3.1
  • Relational Database PostgreSQL
  • Deployment on AWS Elastic Container Service
  • Atlassian Jira for ticket & sprint management
  • Atlassian Confluence for written specifications and documentation
  • Slack for any kind of team communication

Our Joel Test Score

  • Source control
  • One-step build
  • Daily builds
  • Bug database
  • Fix bugs before writing new code
  • Up-to-date schedule
  • Specifications for existing & new features
  • Quiet working conditions
  • Best tools money can buy
  • Testers & automated tests
  • Hallway usability testing


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