Senior Backend Developer


Job Type fulltime

Experience 5 - 6 years

Remote Available

Level senior


10 months ago

Job Description

Makeen Technologies helps the world's most innovative companies explore new ideas and quickly transform those ideas into products that customers love. From improving business intelligence and modernizing IT systems to building innovative consumer apps and IoT products, Makeen provides end-to-end software design and development solutions that deliver results. You will be joining a flexible open-minded team of professionals where comradely, top-tier engineering, and trust play a crucial role.

This role is only for senior-level developers, you must be

  • seasoned with node-based back-end architectures
  • able to implement complex fine-grained authorization mechanisms for REST APIs
  • able to implement complex dependency injection patterns for cross modules and cross services dependencies
  • able to architect front-end SPAs with a clear conceptualization of layers and structures involved; separation of concern is key
  •  join full-time; permanent; this is not a freelance gig nor will we accept side project


  • Collaborate with team members to scope, design, implement, and document new features
  • Identify bugs, write tests, and propose improvements to maintain code quality standards
  • Participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and distribute knowledge
  • Document internal processes and procedures

Job requirements

  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, including the latest ES6 features, Node.js and React, Redux, Express, Mongo, Postgress
  • Working knowledge of back-end JavaScript API / web services development in node.js
  • Experience crafting efficient and reusable web components in React
  • Experienced with JavaScript build tooling, such as Babel and Web-pack
  • Experienced with cloud provider APIs, concepts, and architectures
  • Experienced with continuous integration, testing, and deployment strategies
  • Ability to write effective tests for full-stack JavaScript applications and services (mocha, jest etc.)
  • 5+ years of related experience with a bachelor's degree or master's degree; or a Ph.D. with 3 years’ experience; or equivalent experience.
  • Experience on a remote-focused team

Required Skills


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