Country Mexico

Job Type fulltime

Experience 4 - 8 years

Remote Available

Salary 21600 - 25000 usd

Level senior


2 years ago

Job Description

Michelada's development team is hiring people with experience programming Ruby, with the ability to be self-sufficient, who like to collaborate and teach other people, who seek to make a difference in their workplace, and who will be supporting our team grow up and go a more solid path. 

We are a different company that seeks inclusion in the industry; Therefore, if your thing is to write code but you feel that you don't belong anywhere; go ahead and apply to the vacancy, because surely Michelada can be that safe place you are looking for, where knowledge, diversity, and inclusion are celebrated.

About the job

At Michelada we work in an agile way and always doing our best, to ensure that things go well at all times. And the reality of things is that no matter how complex the project we are developing is, our team always shines for delivering things well done and for providing solutions to our clients' requests.

But breathe; Delivering incredible web and mobile products is not synonymous with working harder than necessary. The philosophy we follow is "Don't work more, work better" so it doesn't matter what your work process is, as long as you meet your goals and deliver for us, that's fine.


If you've already read this far and are really interested in being part of our team, here are some of the things we expect from our future collaborators in this position:

  • 4+ years of experience developing, maintaining, and releasing web applications in Ruby / Rails or similar frameworks in Ruby.
  • Experience integrating Front-end technologies (eg. JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, and CSS).
  • Consume / develop REST services.
  • Experience in project delivery for production (deployments, CI / CD, Server provisioning, DBA, and DevOps).
  • Having worked directly in remote teams and with non-technical people (designers, product owners, project managers).
  • Have the ability to make decisions (eg. as a product owner, tech lead, or project manager).
  • Experience building systems using agile methodologies.
  • Knowledge of software architecture and refactoring.
  • Good development principles, as well as experience doing testing, object-oriented programming, SOLID principles, and clean architecture.
  • Excellent oral / written communication skills in Spanish and English.

We have two offices Guadalajara and Colima, however, at this time all our positions are to work remotely since the safety of our collaborators is an issue where we do not take reservations and we take care of even the smallest detail. So feel free to apply from anywhere in Mexico, from the space that suits you best and where you feel more comfortable and secure.

Required Skills


How to apply

It is important that you know that for this position we are only looking for people who meet the requirements described above. That we will highly value a person who is passionate about quality in code and with a good understanding of usability and interfaces. Someone who seeks to grow professionally with the team at his side; knowing that there can be good days, bad days, but above all, a person aware that any experience is an opportunity to grow and continue learning.

Likewise, we want someone who has an approach to solving problems efficiently and effectively. That you communicate and like to share your knowledge, that you have attention to detail and about all the things that you care about your work from start to finish.

Send your CV in inglish for mdhdza97@gmail.com or send you messages +527771897835

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