The most popular topic is “creating our own business“, “how to make a successful company” and so on. Importance of coding in business and startups is all that you need to know.

You will get a lot of ideas to earn through the internet, by Adsense, affiliate marketing and more. So how are you going to handle your company once it is established? You might be thinking how do coding can help for establishing a good company, you might be right, you don’t need to know about coding if you have a business, you can simply run your business by paying some people for doing your work.

As we already know there are a thousand of people creating a website every single day, so how would you rank a good position on that list? Do you think coding can help you?

You won’t believe but coding has really helped me when I was going through ups and downs in my business.

You will find a lot of article on the internet about how coding can help you in many ways, but in this article, I’m writing every single point through my personal experience.

This article is really special for me since it contains the memories of my own personal experience.

Being an entrepreneur you must have the capability to handle dozens of works and at the same time, you have to deal with every single person. Frankly speaking, being an entrepreneur is tough. Coding can really help you out reaching the point of success, let’s see how :

Importance of coding in business and startups

Know the language of tech

know the language of tech

Suppose you have gone to Japan to crack some business project, can you communicate to them if you don’t know their language and nor if you have a translator present with you. The same case goes with the technology, the machine plays a vital role in your business so you should be able to communicate with it. If you have to spend a lot of time with technology then you should know the language. Learning to code and work efficiently is like learning a new language. If you know the language of technology then it will definitely help in improving your product and business decision.

Talent evaluation

talent evaluation


For any startup that uses technology (I guess almost every business use technology), choosing a right team is crucial. Your team will play a huge factor in the success of the business, so you need to understand the difference between good and ordinary technical skills, else you’ll put your company for costly errors.

If you have the knowledge of coding then you will have the idea of looking for in a talented developer.

Product development


It’s the most vital part of that defines the success of a business or startup. Importance of coding in business and startup can never be neglected.

For building a new web application, game or any kind of application, you need passion, creativity, a good team and some skills. You need to manage your projects according to the requirements, having a knowledge in the technical field will give you the idea of arranging the projects as necessary and for bringing out a better and effective outcome within the targeted amount of time.

Knowing the product development and programming will definitely help you relate to your technical group, most probably when they face same problems. It will bring an outcome of a better relationship between development and management team, leading to better teamwork and moral support.

Getting your hands into it

getting your hands into it

At the beginning of a company, everything needs to be arranged and prepared, in that case, tech team basically faces a tight deadline and probably overwork. If you have an idea of coding, you don’t have to interrupt the team for doing some minor changes and the project won’t get delayed.

This factor has really helped me, in many cases, I was able to handle with some minor cause and I didn’t have to disturb my technical team. If I have disturbed them then there might have some relationship problem between me and my team. You might even feel some awkwardness while disturbing your team in their busy schedule. In some manner, they can swiftly carry on with their task and they can finish within the promised amount of time.

Critical Thinking

critical thinking

Finally, the last section of our importance of coding in business and startup article.

At the beginning of a business, every decision you take (big or small) is important. You need to take good decisions even when you are under pressure. Critically thinking skill is important while handling a business and the most effective way of grabbing this skill is by coding.

You start thinking logically through your problems in the projects, you start breaking them and solving it in more effective manner. As time flows you will start handling problems more effectively and coding will really help you in practicing and making yourself a really good problem solver.

According to a survey of 2016, it has been found that it would take around 10,000 hours to master a skill but being an entrepreneur you don’t have such huge time, but you can grab some basic idea with a short time and it would really help in the success of your business.

Do what you love.

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