Build a CRUD with VueJS & Firebase

Learn to use Firebase tools like authentication, firestore and storage with VueJS to create a complete web application and host it to any static hosting platform like Netlify or Vercel

14 Lessons

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What you will learn

  • Firebase authentication
  • Firebase storage
  • Firebase cloud firestore
  • Vue js event bus
  • Use of Vuetify with Vue 3
  • Vue js routing
  • Use of Vuex
  • User authentication with state management
  • Deployment to netlify
  • Deployment to Vercel


You must have good knowledge of Javascript and should be familiar with VueJS and Git. A Firebase account is necessary for this course.


This course will cover a complete CRUD operation on a collection with VueJS and Firebase. Google Firebase has some nice tools to handle authentication, file uploads, database, etc all in the cloud. In the era of full-stack development, a good grip on Firebase will help you to build an entire application including persistent data with a database. Also, we will use Firebase authentication to authenticate users and Firebase Storage to store file uploads. Follow this link to get the project source code

Course Content


** This course is under progress. New lessons are added every weekend. Subscribe to this category to get mail updates when new lessons are available or the course is completed

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