Build a forum with Adonis JS

Learn Adonis JS 5 from scratch to deployment by creating a real world forum website

31 Lessons

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What you will learn

  • How Adonis works
  • Routing
  • Edge templating engine
  • Database Access
  • Active Record ORM
  • Migrations
  • Working with forms
  • Form validation
  • Deployment on Heroku
  • Sending mails


You must be familiar with HTML, CSS, Node JS, and a little bit of JavaScript


This course is a full-featured Node JS course dedicated to aspiring coders who are looking forward to diving into the world of full-stack development. Adonis JS is a modern MVC based open-source framework that is perfectly suited for rapid development. Similar to frameworks like Laravel and Rails this framework is a new champ with speed faster than express js. This single course will cover everything you will need to know from installation to deploy it to the cloud.

Course Content

Getting Started


Templating Engine





Adonisjs Lucid

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