Build a blog with Flask

Learn flask from scratch to deployment by building a blog like that will let users create an account, post articles, post comments, follow others.

22 Lessons

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What you will learn

  • Routing
  • Static files
  • Sessions
  • Rendering templates
  • Mail handling
  • File uploads
  • User authentication
  • Deploy to cloud
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Sessions
  • Flask Login
  • Flask WTF
  • Form validation
  • CSRF protection


You must be familiar with HTML, CSS, Python, and a little bit of Bootstrap, JS, and jQuery


This course is a full-featured course dedicated to Python developers who want to start learning web development. It goes through all the concepts that you need to know about Flask in order to develop any website of your choice. Flask has a good market demand too, companies like Reddit, Pinterest, Netflix, and Lyft are using Flask in their tech stack.

Course Content

Getting Started



Database & CRUD


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