Posted 29-Dec-2020 | 1069 | Javascript

Which django version should i use

I just started learning Django and the latest available version is 3.1 I know I should start with the latest version but I am stuck at should I wait for the 3.2 LTS or just go with 3.1 The Django 3.1 version support will end in April 2021 which is almost 4 months from now. I guess choosing an old LTS version will not be a good idea. Please let me know which one to choose and why?



Posted 02-Mar-2024

You can start with the latest available version at the moment. LTS versions have extended support that makes it less risky to use that tool. Let's take a look at the Django releases Django versions! Here you can see that version 3.1 is the latest and has extended support till the year-end of 2021. That's enough time for you to go with this version. However, one thing to keep in mind that each new version basically implements a core level thing that increases the framework performance and handles previous security issues. Most of the changes are nonbreaking so go with it.