Posted 29-Dec-2020 | 935 | Javascript

Which database should I use with Django?

I am new in the Django world. So far I have learned the basics like routing and templates. Now I want to learn which Django database should I use for my application. I am making an eCommerce for a client. He will add custom analytics in the future as well so I am not sure should I choose RDBMS or Non-SQL databases. Django supports only relational databases so if I have to choose a Non-SQL database like MongoDB, how to do that?



Posted 02-Mar-2024

You can basically use MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite with Django. These databases are supported out of the box. However, you are not limited to these databases only. Django has support for various other databases with the help of 3rd party libraries. Follow this link to find more details Django databases Django also supports MongoDB with the help of the Django MongoDB engine. Just do a little research on Google on how to use x database with Django and you will hopefully get the desired results.