Full Stack Developer

Posted 04-Sep-2020 | 321 | General

What skills makes you Full Stack Developer

What skills makes you Full Stack Developer? Front end vs Back end



Posted 21-Sep-2020

According to me or as much as I know, a Full stack developer is a person who can comfortably work on both the front-end and the back-end. There are multiple popular stacks available

  • PHP programmers - Laravel or Codeigniter with Vue JS
  • Node JS programmers - Express JS or Adonis with React JS or Vue JS or Angular JS
  • Python programmers - Django or Flask with React JS or Vue JS

you can go ahead with any of these.



Posted 21-Sep-2020

You need to know both front-end and backend to become a full stack developer.



Posted 04-Sep-2020

Hi Ganeshgandhi, Having knowledge of both front-end and back-end makes you a full stack developer. A person who can handle both is called a full stack developer. This includes having knowledge about databases, AWS, front-end frameworks and back-end. Basically if you can do everything to complete a project then you will be labelled as Full Stack Developer.