Posted 8 days ago

What is the difference between Front-end and back-end ?

Hello, can anyone tell me the difference between Front-end and back end? I want to learn coding but seems like first I need to understand this. :)


Team Coders Diaries

Posted 8 days ago

We are assuming that you are totally new in the coding world.

Well to understand this, you must first understand the basics of a website. We are giving you an example of a website because it will be easier for you to understand. Remember it is not limited to a website.

Imagine you visit a restaurant. The things visible to you are most probably are tables, chairs, counter, and waiters.

The things you are not allowed or you can’t see is the Kitchen. The same goes for a website. The kitchen is the Back-end and the area you see is the Front-End.

Whatever you see when you visit a website is Front-End.

And the developer who creates the Front-end of a website is called a Front-end Developer.

The one who creates the Back-end of the website is called a Back-end Developer. And then again the one who can do both is called a Full-Stack Developer.

The HTML is used by the Front-End Developer to create the structure of a webpage. You can assume it's like creating a skeleton of a website. The styling and the interaction are brought by CSS and JavaScript.

We hope we were able to make you understand.

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