Posted 20-Aug-2020 | 344 | General

I want to learn code but I don't know how to start. Can anyone help?

Hi, I want to start learning code to upskill but I am not sure what language I should start with, Please suggest.



Full Stack Developer

Posted 28-Sep-2020

look for videos on youtube or other platforms that provide free coding tutorials. You can also check here in the courses section, they have a lot of free beginner-friendly videos courses. All the best :)


Team Coders Diaries

Posted 27-Aug-2020

Hi Marina, You should definitely start with a programming language like C, C++ or python. There are many other programming languages but you can use any of these to learn the basics.

For beginners like you, we have created a python course. All the lessons are free till 31st October 2020. Everything about Python with Data Structure and OS module You should register now and avail of this offer!!

After you finish this, you should move to a python framework called Django. Build an Ecommerce with Django



Web Developer

Posted 20-Aug-2020

Hi Marina, If you are completely new to coding I suggest starting from C++ C or Python. It will help you learn the basics and then you can choose according to your a stack according to your interest.