Posted 21-Sep-2020 | 364 | Django


Can someone teach me or gives some django videos so that i can learn django back end



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Posted 28-Sep-2020

The best way to learn anything is I believe going through the official documentation. You can look for youtube videos but to be honest no one really gives you the best tutoring when it comes to free lol. You should definitely look for paid courses or maybe a free mentor but as I said, free tuition is free tuition at the end of the day. you can't complain about its quality



Posted 21-Sep-2020

I was looking for the same few days back. I just enrolled 3 days ago in this websites course Build an eCommerce with Django and completed lesson 16 just now. I found this course absolutely perfect paced, organized, and very clean. You know what you are doing and how this is the level of satisfaction I was looking for while searching for a course. Luckily I found this gem.



Posted 21-Sep-2020

There are a lot of resources available but the problem is, everything is not at the same places. You have to look around for one question and another place for another query. That's the reason I have been sticking to this course provided here in this website. Working as a freelancer for 3 years now and I think my to decision to learn Django was quite spontaneous.

I purchased the video course. Honestly, so far it's good. Rooting for it. Let's hope for the best!! Cheers



Posted 21-Sep-2020

Hey I was also wondering the same thing few days ago lol :-D

Build an e-commerce with Django you can check out this course I purchased here only and luckily I got a discount too ;-)

You can use this code, ( I hope this works btw)


Happy coding