Material design is a design language that is developed by Google in 2014. Since then all the Google platforms have been migrating to material design. It provides a great user experience out of the box. In this brief article, we will take a look at the best vuejs material design frameworks for 2021.

VueJS Material Design Frameworks


vuejs vuetify

Vuetify is the most popular vuejs material design framework. It’s there in the market since 2014 and offers a bunch of great features.

It’s an open-source framework, however, the Vuetify team also provides business and enterprise support.

You can also find some premium themes on their website which will dramatically boost your development time with a ready-made high performant theme.

The best part about Vuetify is that it supports automatic treeshaking. That means it will only import the components you need and the final bundle will include only those. This feature leads to a much smaller bundle size and boosts website loading time.

One thing that makes Vuetify more promising is that they publish updates weekly.

So if you are looking for a vuejs material design framework with better community support, frequent releases, and small in size then go with Vuetify.


vuejs quasar

Quasar is also an impressive vuejs material design framework. It’s not only limited to be used on websites. You can also build desktop apps, mobile apps, browser extensions, and PWA with it.

Quasar is totally an open-source framework under MIT license. There is no option for enterprise support at the moment.

It provides various add-on features like HTML, CSS & JS minification, cache busting, ES6 transpiling. Also, it provides automatic treeshaking.

Quasar team is also very active and their release cadence is bi-weekly.

If you are looking for a framework to build apps with VueJS for multiple platforms then Quasar is the best solution.

Vue Material

vue vuematerial

The last framework of our list is Vue Material. It’s a lightweight alternate but the list of components is much less as compared to others.

This framework is sponsored by Creative Time and you can find premium themes based on this framework, made by them.

The release frequency is not found anywhere on the website however it’s an active repository on Github. The last push was 19 days ago from today so you can expect monthly updates.

VueMaterial also has an option for custom development which is backed by an IT company.

You can go with VueMaterial if you are looking for a lightweight alternate.

I will update the list if I found any new VueJS based material design frameworks. So make sure to create an account to get an update in your inbox when we update the list.