Importance of digital marketing in branding [2019]

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Since you ended up here on this page, I am presuming that you want to grow your business as a brand. I don’t know how large or small scale your business is. But I will tell you the importance of digital marketing which will make you understand why you need digital marketing for your business so that it can grow as a brand.

Importance of digital marketing in branding

Digital marketing is not only limited to creating a website and sharing its content in various social media platforms. It’s much much more than that. It is not just that simple but it is not that complicated also. Almost every business today has a website so it is a tough competition. You should have an excellent strategy to stand out amongst them. Good digital marketing is that strategy.

Here are the reasons why digital marketing is important for your business to grow and become a brand.

1. Competes with top brands

competition with top brands

What are the chances for your business to stay in the field when top brands come in the game? It is fairly difficult to stay and fight for your business when recognised brands come in with an excellent marketing strategy. This happens with traditional marketing. But in the digital platform, it is a win-win situation. In a digital platform, you both are at the same level.

Digital marketing helps small scale businesses to rank top in the chart even while having top competitors in the field. While it would have been difficult to do it in traditional marketing.

Digital marketing allows small-scale businesses to rank that too in a budget. When you manage it efficiently, it gives a clearer view of what kind of audience you are targeting. This helps you make smarter choices as the race becomes clearer in the digital platform.

2. Target Audience

One of the best things about digital marketing is that we can target our audience,

Take an example of an Instagram ad. You can choose the targeted audience according to their age, interests, hobbies and profession. You know what group of people will be interested in buying your products and so just spend your bucks on them.

However, consider a tv ad that you might have spent on. You will never know what kind of audience you are getting. If you wanted to target a specific group like for example, students of age group 15-25, you will be highly disappointed, Since, we all know that today’s’ kids spend their maximum time on social media than on tv.

So here the main point is you can target your desired audience and know where you are spending your money.

3. Analysis

Here is another advantage of digital marketing. You can know who is really interested in your business through different tools available online. You can have a detailed analysis of who is visiting your site frequently, what products they are lingering on, or if they are staying on your page for a long time.

This is really helpful since you know your audience now personally and know exactly what to show them.

You now know what carries a customer to your site and how they are attracted to it. If you work on it smartly you will know how to actually increase the traffic through them and show them your products.

4. Personalization

Have you ever received an email from an organisation regarding their product? Or have you ever received an email where the content seemed relevant to you and you instantly jumped on it?

Well, it is a marketing tactic. In a survey conducted in 2018, it was revealed that almost 78% of people preferred a personalised email. They felt more secure and had a sense of comfort since they could ask them personally if some issues were there.

There were drastic changes in the sales and traffic in their company because of this email marketing.

It also helps to reach your customer personally and create a sense of importance for them. Since you recommend your product to them according to their buying history, they will feel that they are really important to you. Try this marketing tactic and see your business grow drastically.

5. Reviews

A large number of people spent their time on the web. Before buying any product from any website, they rely highly on reviews online.

Positive reviews on the web can increase your sales by tenfold. Whenever a customer visits or buys your product, ask them to drop a review. They are most likely to drop a positive review if asked to.

A good review will trigger a lot of new folks onto your website. Focus on creating a good reputation among your customers so that your review game is bang on.

These are the five reasons why you should consider digital marketing in your business. The importance of digital marketing has become clearer among the business holders and the day is not far when almost everyone will have it. So start investing in it right now!

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