Django is a well structured high level back end web development framework for Python. Its been there in the market from a very long period (14 years). Django is fully feature loaded and helps with rapid development. In this article we will discuss about the best way to learn Django.

First of all, Django is a mature framework and has a huge community out there. So while learning such a well established framework there will be a very less chance of getting stuck somewhere. However if you stuck somewhere by any chance then Coders Diaries community is always here to help you out.

Lets focus on the main objective of this brief article - the best way to learn Django. Generally there are 2 ways to deal with this.

Best way to learn Django

Going with documentation

Documentation of any framework is always an entry point to access the core information regarding it. Learning documentation can help to build an understanding of the framework and all of its features and also how it works. However all documentations are not well structured so that may increase the complexity and learning curve for it.

Luckily the Django documentation is in depth and well structured. One can build a strong grip of Django with the documentation itself. However, the gap between following documentation and creating a real world application is still there. So you will need some patience while going with this option.

Learn Django with a real world project oriented course

Documentations are a good starting point however it can quickly become complicated as we start to implementing the things we have learned into production. That is where a course dedicated to teach you what to use where and how, is the best way to learn Django.

There are plenty of courses available free or paid for Django. However make sure to check the course layout, doubt solving frequency and certification if needed.

Finally, my suggestion will be to go with a course if you can afford and parallel use the documentation for in depth information.

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