Javascript is growing day by day and the increasing number of frameworks making it more popular. Every framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. So before you choose the perfect framework according to your project you must check out its capabilities. But don’t worry you don’t have to waste time on it I have made a list of best javascript frameworks.

What is a javascript framework?

First of all, make sure you are familiar with core concepts of JavaScript then move to a framework or library. If you are new to javascript I would suggest you have a look at best javascript books.

A framework is like a code-template, with some helpers, constructors etc. Generally, a framework presents the code in a beautiful way.

what is javascript frameworkThe number of frameworks available out there is huge and every framework has different working principles. Therefore it wouldn’t be possible to learn many of them. Hence you must choose the one that you are comfortable with and enrich your skills there. So now let’s check out the list I have made for you guys.

Best javascript frameworks


angularThe first name of the best javascript frameworks list is Angular. First of all its developed and maintained by tech giant Google.

Javascript is a dynamically typed language so data type related problems occur everywhere. But TypeScript the superset of javascript has added many things to it including type declaration. If you are coming from Java background then Typescript will be so much easier for you. Angular 2 and above versions of Angular uses Typescript for its development. So if you are comfortable with Typescript then Angular 2  will be the best choice. Rather than Typescript Angular 2 also has its own template engine jasmine.

On the other side, Angular is much popular among developers. It also has a great scope for mobile app development too. Ionic is one of the most popular frameworks to develop great hybrid mobile apps with Angular.

Finally, I would say if you are looking for a complete framework for large-scale projects then Angular will be the best. In addition to all, they also have a great documentation.

React js

reactFirst of all, React is not a framework its a library. Which is developed and maintained by Facebook.

React uses JSX which is much better than plain old javascript. From components to state management React provides everything you will need to create great SPA. The best thing about React is, it uses virtual DOM. Manipulating the virtual DOM is much faster than regular DOM.

Even you can develop native apps with React. React Native is a mobile app development framework based on React. Its one of the reason behind the success and popularity of React.

React has a huge community support with a smart documentation. So if you are looking for building great UI (User Interface) / UX (User Experience) then react is for you.

If you are confused whether to choose React or Angular then check out React Vs Angular. It explains in depth details of both of the frameworks with popularity, job market, future scope and much more.

Vue js

vue js

This one is one of my most favourite frameworks. Vue is one of the most popular, modern and lightweight frameworks.

The developer of Vue was inspired by Angular. He wants to build a lightweight framework with the best features of Angular.

Finally, Vue has been released in 2014 and become one of the best competitors in the javascript frameworks market.

The excellent features of Vue are the use of virtual DOM, components, data binding, templating and much more. Rather than this, you can use javascript and typescript both to write an application with Vue. In addition to such awesome features its only 20KB min+gzip.

One of the most popular cloud IDE jsFiddle is made with Vue. Even tech giants like Alibaba also use vue.

Vue has a smaller learning curve and really beginner friendly. So if you are looking for a lightweight and easy to use a framework then go for Vue.

If you are not satisfied with the above reasons then you must check out Reasons to choose Vue. I have also made a brief tutorial for absolute beginners on Vue js.

However, Vue also has great mobile app frameworks. I have found Framework 7 to be easiest, you can check here.

There’s no comparison between Vue and other top frameworks in terms of speed and memory management. Vue vs React js will clarify the above statement.

Meteor js


Meteor is also the part of our best javascript frameworks list. It makes the task really easy to write large-scale applications. It has a ton of excellent features that make it really awesome.

First of all, you can integrate it with other top frameworks like AngularReact. Even you can directly use it with databases like MongoDB.

Cordova is one of the most popular Hybrid app development frameworks. You can integrate your Meteor codes into Cordova projects to create some great apps.

I would suggest this one for moderate javascript developers. Its basically used for large-scale applications and has a broader learning curve.

Polymer js

polymer js

The Polymer is another great javascript library. It becomes much popular in a short span of time.

It provides an app toolbox that makes task really easy to develop scalable apps. Most importantly it makes the apps blazing fast. On the other side, it provides various polyfills to support older browser as well as implements modern coding standards to support future browser updates.

Basically, Polymer provides 2 different approaches to use it one is the use of the library and another is the use of toolbox. Whatever you choose both are awesome but I prefer to using the app toolbox. It makes the task really easy to create powerful API’s.

So if you are looking for a modern JavaScript library with great documentation go for Polymer.

Aurelia js

aurelia js

Aurelia is a lightweight front-end javascript frameworks. It provides a list of great features such as two-way data binding, routing, typescript support and much more.

Its made with modern architecture with fewer modules and less complication. That makes it really faster and smaller as compared to others.

Basically, its used to create things from scratch. So if you are looking for a way to create things from scratch or want to create some custom solution you can give it a try.

In addition to all, they provide a range of awesome API’s like task queue, templating, dependency injection and much more. You will find the full list and details here.

Ember js

ember js

Ember is the last member of our best javascript frameworks list. It’s a huge framework with a lot of things out of the box. Unlike others ember has much more to do with.

It’s quite popular among JavaScript developers. Microsoft, Netflix like many big companies are using Ember.

In addition to all, it also has a huge list of API’s to create some great applications. You can find the list here.

The only disadvantage of Ember has a much broader learning curve as compared to other frameworks. It uses plain javascript and supports all major MVC features. So if you are looking for a framework to enrich your javascript skills then guys Ember is for you.

Finally, we have seen the best javascript frameworks list. All of them are quite popular and heavily used in real world. As you can see all of them are excellent and has a good scope. However, each of them is different in terms of coding architecture or features. So its totally depend on you to choose the best one that fits your area of expertise or types of project.

Let’s make the task much easier for you to choose the best javascript framework.

#Github starsActive jobs on upworkTime to create 1000 rowsMemory usage after adding 1000 rows
Angular30,717722198.8 ms10.9 Mb
React82,6721,064187.9 ms9.7 Mb
Vue Js75,729177168.1 ms7.5 Mb
Polymer18,82022202.3 ms8.4 Mb
Aurelia10,2709185.4 ms11.3 Mb
Ember18,48143344.6ms16.5 Mb

So from the above table, you can get a glimpse of the performance and popularity of best javascript frameworks.

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Rawlings · October 12, 2017 at 9:36 pm

Will try to learn coding because i have been trying tp learn it for a long time now. Thanks for the little enlightenment.

Sreekar · October 14, 2017 at 7:39 am

That’s some pretty neat tips right there from someone who knows what he is doing. Would love to learn bits and try them myself!

Ajay chander · October 15, 2017 at 12:04 pm

Good tips and nice information ! thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

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