JavaScript is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. Basically, its used in front-end development but it’s not limited up to that. There are many great frameworks or libraries available to do anything you want with JavaScript like back-end, mobile apps development etc. I know most people’s like to learn online but a good reference book can genuinely boost your skills. In this post, I will share a list of awesome books to help you as the best JavaScript book.

Why should you use a JavaScript book?


There are various reasons to use a book to learn JavaScript. So let’s check out reasons one by one.

A book is an offline resource that we can access anytime. Unlike a website, where we need an internet connection.

A single website may not share in-depth knowledge of a particular topic. But a good book can help you to dive deep into that.

Not all online platforms that are providing JavaScript resources are good enough as compared to our list of books.

A good book always provides some exercises to boost your skills. It’s like a single place where you can get all the required resources. In addition to all, an offline reading approach can reduce the stress in your eyes.

So if you like to learn online you can stick to it but it also advised to use a reference book beside it.

Best JavaScript book

As a self-learner, I have faced many problems while I was learning JavaScript. At first, I start to look for some popular platforms to start learning JavaScript. Luckily I have found some popular platforms with a good range of resources. Unfortunately, none of them proves to be the best one. As I have to search multiple platforms for a single topic. That’s a much time-consuming process so I start to look for some good reference books. Finally, after some research, I have found 5 awesome books that turned to be the best JavaScript book.

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript

If you are in hurry and looking for a faster approach to learn JavaScript then this book is for you. It’s specially written for absolute beginners to easily step into the JavaScript world. This book doesn’t assume any programming knowledge. Even if JavaScript is your first programming language still you can use this book to learn JavaScript as well as learn programming concepts. This 293 pages long book has 1750 exercises to boost your skills. This book covers around each and every topic you will need to get started with JavaScript.

So, I would suggest this book if you want to learn JavaScript in a faster and smarter way. If you still have some doubts you can check out some sample chapters of this book below.
A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript

JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

JavaScript and JQuery Interactive Front–End Web Development

This one is my personal favourite one. The best thing about this book is the use of explaining things in an easiest possible way with beautiful graphics. It is specially designed for beginners to learn JavaScript as well as jQuery. Unlike others, it explains many important topics in-depth like API’s, plugins, JSON, Ajax and much more.

The each and every page of this 640 pages book is worth reading. In addition to all the book will provide you with the sample program codes with many great exercises. The last edition was released a few years ago so many modern concepts are also covered in that book.

So guys if you are looking for an easiest and complete JavaScript and jQuery guide then you should go for it. This book has helped me a lot to understand the basics, as well as the exercises, has boosted my skills. Amazon is providing a huge discount of 26% so hurry up and get your’s this week.
JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front–End Web Development

JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual

JavaScript & jQuery The Missing Manual

It’s another great book to learn JavaScript and jQuery from scratch by O’REILLY. This book is good for beginners as well as for advanced JavaScript developers. It covers most of the important topic related to JavaScript and jQuery.

The aim of the writer is to provide an easy way to create awesome web applications. Most of all this book has specified the smarter way to write code to save a lot of time in production.

So if you are looking forward to becoming a JavaScript developer it will be the best path to start your journey. In addition to all its one of the best book at this price.
JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual

Head First JavaScript Programming: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Head First JavaScript Programming A Brain-Friendly Guide

The head first series from O’REILLY has always provided some great piece of resources. This 724 pages long book is full of in-depth resources for JavaScript. It assumes that you are a beginner at programming so they have explained each topic in an appropriate way.

It describes how JavaScript works to prototypes, closures, testing and much more. Finally, I would suggest it if you are looking a complete JavaScript solution. It will genuinely push you to become a professional JavaScript developer. It’s nearly impossible to believe the price of this excellent book, check out below.
Head First JavaScript Programming: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Javascript: The Good Parts

Javascript The Good Parts

Finally its the last one of our best JavaScript book list. It covers some advanced features of JavaScript with basic fundamentals. However, it’s especially for those who aren’t new to programming. As it consists brief explanation of topics so it will be tough for newbies to understand.

So if you are looking for a reference book for professional JavaScript resources give it a try. It will help you to explore the advantages of using JavaScript. The customer reviews are also showing how satisfied the customers are. On the other side its one of the cheapest and most popular JavaScript book available at E-commerce giant Amazon.
Javascript: The Good Parts

Finally, our list of best JavaScript book has come to an end. I have shared the best books for absolute JavaScript beginners. Therefore now choose the one you have liked most and get started with JavaScript.

Once you are comfortable with JavaScript and jQuery you can choose a framework from best JavaScript frameworks.


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